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Pair of Vintage Railway Signs for Sale (SOLD)

In our recent July Auction we sold this Ostrich and Goatskin Hermes Bag with full paperwork for £16000. The sellers was charged 0% selling commission and received £16000.

In our July Sale we sold this Antique Cannon for £5200 and charged the vendor 0% sellers condition. The seller received £5200.

In our July Sale we sold this antique Suzani Textile for £8800.

For Gold Coins, Valuable Art, Status Watches, Heirloom Jewellery totalling above £5000 we can offer 0% sellers Commission.

We also offer the vendor peace of mind in that items can photographed and remain with owner in his safe, on his wall or in his safety deposit box whilst we auction them (terms and conditions apply)

At Huntly Auctions we can provide a full House Clearance where all goods that are not suitable for selling, upcycling or recycling are disposed of in a proper fashion through registered channels.

We are Sepa Registered WCR/R/11/1156947 and we also have specialist House Clearance Operators Insurance in place.

You can be assured that all your items that need to be disposed of go through the proper channels.

We can tackle small house clearance through to large house clearances and if necessary can provide 3 Vans and a team of workers.

We also advise customers at all stages what items have commercial value and those that have not. We live in an age sadly where many nice quality and serviceable items of furniture do not have a commerical value as they are no longer in fashion and the younger generation may prefer to purchase new items of a lesser quality.

Customers should be aware that the disposal of waste comes at a cost with typical mixed waste being charged at £180 + Vat per ton to dispose of legally, and 8 cubic foot skips costing around £280 to hire.

You can rest assured that if you employ Huntly Auctions that your waste items do not end up dumped in a lay-by, farmers gateway, or such.

In our recent sale Nov 24th we sold the item shown below. A Russian lacquered Propoganda Box dated 1939. This box realized £2500 and we charged the client 10% commission for selling, he was left with £2250. A Modernist Sculpture reminiscent of Henry Moore standing 9 1/2" tall realized £5000 and we charged the seller 0% sellers commission. A lot of 3 medals below which were expected to make around £80. It turned out that this soldier took part in the famous WW2 St Nazaire Raid and as a result they achieved a price of £4300 plus buyers premium. For rare medals we will sell for 0% sellers fee. The seller of these medals recieved £4300 he paid no fees.

We are always looking for nice items and if you have such then please get in touch with us. Through the-saleroom we have access to a worldwide audience of buyers. If you have any nice medals, jewellery, paintings, books, enamel signs, etc etc then please consider us. Our normal rate of sellers commission is 15 per cent and for exceptional items we offer 10% or less.

 At Huntly Auctions we offer you a number of solutions for selling your interesting item(s).

For a number of years we have sold through the-saleroom online portal and in average sale we will have 1000 registered bidders and over 14,000 individuals who have a look at our Catalogue.

We are a small Provincial Auction House who with an online presence can compete with the big auction houses on actual realised selling prices but without some of the large fees.

Typically we charge 15% for selling your items but if you have any item which is valuable and prestigious then we are prepared to negotiate on this figure.

If the Auction route is not for you we can sell your items by Private Treaty (sold at an agreed price on our Website) and we have a database of some 3000 previous buyers and some 10,000 registered saleroom bidders.

We can carry out Valuations of your items for Insurance or Probate purposes. 

We are Sepa Registered (WCR/R/1195626) and can carry out House Clearances legally

What is apparent is that fresh goods to the market place attract a lot of interest.

If you are thinking of moving house or are clearing the effects of a relative then feel free to ask for expert advice on how to dispose of the goods. It is a fact that often the most commercially viable items in a residence are taken to the local refuse centre or placed in skips. Items as innocent as postcards and ephemera can be worth substantial sums and often have more appeal often than large pieces of furniture.

The advice is do not throw out anything, you may be giving away a small fortune ask Huntly Auctions to give you a free appraisal.


Medals, Militaria, Tribal Art, Silver, Jewellery, Rolex-Omega-Longines-Watches etc Silver Pocket Watches, Antique Books, Postcards, Oil Paintings, Watercolours, Scientific Instruments, Antique Carpets, Sporting Items, Coins, Stamps, Fountain Pens, Advertising Items, Railway Items, Whaling Items, Scottish Pottery, Bronze Figures, Royal Crown Derby, Staffordshire Figures, Paperweights,Tilley Lamps, Vintage Tractor Spares and Seats, Small items of Furniture etc etc.





We offer a service to English and International Clients who have relatives in the North of Scotland who want to dispose of items through auction.

We have in the past cleared properties in Insch, Huntly, Inverurie, Aberdeen, Elgin, Aviemore, Beauly, Lochinver, Gairloch, Ullapool etc, for such clients.