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The John Murray Munro Sale

A collection of Vintage Record Players and Radios etc collected over the last 50 years.

In some of the smaller lots of Tools etc, these may be slightly different at the Sale from the images you see online

Lot 1 Vintage Italia 120 Bass Accordion with Case.

Lot 2 Box Lot of Odds.

Lot 3 Lot of Odds.

Lot 4 Lot of Plated Ware.

Lot 5 Lot of Plated Ware and Cutlery.

Lot 6 Velbon Tripod and Boxed Water Gun.

Lot 7 3 Boxes of China Ware.

Lot 8 3 boxes of China Ware.

Lot 9 Lot of Tools.

Lot 10 Hohner Verdi 111 M 120 Bass Accordion and Case.

Lot 11 Box of Lamp Parts etc.

Lot 12 Box of Lamp Parts etc.

Lot 13 Box of Lamp Parts etc.

Lot 14 Box of Lamps- Parts etc.

Lot 15 box of Lamp Parts etc.

Lot 16 Box of Brassware

Lot 17 Lot of Glassware.

Lot 18 Lot of Coloured Glass.

Lot 19 Boxed Musical Intsrument.

  Lot 20 Frontalini 120 Bass Accordion in Case.

Lot 21 Lot of Tools.

Lot 22 Boxed&Sealed Nailing Gun.

Lot 23 Pair of Vintage Clocks.

Lot 24 Lot of Tools.

Lot 25 Vintage Adding Machine and Cameras.

Lot 26 Lot of Keys and Hardware.

Lot 27 Vintage Mahjong Set etc.

Lot 28 Lot of Lighters etc.

Lot 29 Hitachi Ghetto Blaster.

 Lot 30 Lot of Morse Code Tapper - Gramophone Spares etc.

Lot 31 Box of Odds.

Lot 32 Dansette Spool to Spool and Phillips Stereo.

Lot 33 Lot of 3 Vintage Projectors.

Lot 34 Vintage Record Player and Typewriter.

Lot 35 Box Lot of Tools.

Lot 36 Box Lot of Tools.

Lot 37 Box Lot of Tools.

Lot 38 Phillips Record Player/Radio.

Lot 39 Rigonda Record Player/Radio.

  Lot 40 Lot of Clock Spares.

Lot 41 Lot of Tools.

Lot 42 Lot of Bench Grinder etc.

Lot 43 Lot of Tools etc.

Lot 44 Lot of Tools etc.

Lot 45 Lot of Power Tools.

Lot 46 Lot of Gas Mask etc.

Lot 47 Toolbox and Tools.

Lot 48 Lot of Vintage Radios.

Lot 49 Jetset Solid State Radio/Phonograph.

  Lot 50 Hacker Centurion Record Player with Garrard Deck.