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Lot 101 Vintage Philco&Phillips Bakelite Radios.

Lot 102 Konnigsfeld Saba and Phillips Radios.

Lot 103 2 x Fidelity Record Players and Hitachi Tape deck.

Lot 104 Phillips Bakelite Radio.

Lot 105 Dynatron Record Player with Garrard Deck.

Lot 106 Pye International Radio.

Lot 107 Lot of Sanyo etc Radios etc.

Lot 108 Box of Vintage Reel to Reel Tape.

Lot 109 Lot of 78rpm Records.

Lot 110 Lot of Tape Recorders.

Lot 111 Lot of Vintage Radios.

Lot 112 Clock Case.

Lot 113 Lot of Microphones etc.

Lot 114 Attic of Various Goods. Please note in the viewing that only person at any one time will be able to view this lot. The buyer can take whatever they want. The starting price for this lot will be £30.

Lot 115 Record Player with Garrard Deck.

Lot 116 Sony Music Centre.

Lot 117 Toshiba Music Centre.

Lot 118 Antique Leather Gun Case with Key.

Lot 119

Lot 120

Lot 121 Large Victorian Chest of Drawers.

Lot 122 Granfather Clock.

Lot 123 Small Country Table.

Lot 124 Antique Coal Scuttle.

Lot 125 Silver Sugar Sifter and Silverplated Eggcup Holder.

Lot 126 WW1 Trio of Medal and Death Plaque to the Lancashire Fusiliers.

Lot 127 Antique Mahogany Box.

Lot 128 Lot of Pewter and Miners Lamp.

Lot 129 Antique Doulton Pot.

Lot 130 Vintage Side Table.

Lot 131 Antique Captains Chair.

Lot 132 Antique Windsor Chair.

Lot 133 Vintage Pot Stand.

Lot 134 Antique Roll-Top Desk.

Lot 135 Country Chair.

Lot 136 Pair of Vintage Cutlery Tray.

Lot 137 Marquis of Zetland Leather Hat - Box.

Lot 138 Pair of Victorian Hunting Prints.

Lot 139 Lot of Brassware.

Lot 140 Lot of Bric-a-Brac.

Lot 141 Lot of Bric-a-Brac.

Lot 142 Country Chair.

Lot 143 Country Chair.

Lot 144 Kist.

Lot 145 Antique Leather Horse Feet.

Lot 146 Vintage Chanter.

Lot 147 Lot of Brass Bears etc.

Lot 148 Lot of Melodion etc.

Lot 149 Antique Games Box.

Lot 150 Antique British Turf Book.

Lot 151 Violin.

Lot 152 Brass Berry pan.

Lot 153 Lot of Miniature Pictures etc.

Lot 154 Lot of Brass-Ware etc.

Lot 155 Lot of Prints and Watercolours.

Lot 156 Antique Wall Clock.

Lot 157 Lot of Bric-a-Brac.

Lot 158 Victorian Polescreen.

Lot 159 Antique Chinese Embroidered Sleeve Bands.

Lot 160 Antique Ben Reid Cast Iron Seat.