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The Simon Baker Leather Case Collection.

These items are not for auction but for sale by the family so if you are interested then please contact us. The auction house does not decide the price the family will do this.

Simon Baker was born in the 1950s in England and he was always creative at heart. It was when he attended Art School that he realised his passion for fashion and accessories. He formed his first Fashion Brand "Alf Pillage" in London for which he made futuristic Plastic Macs and Mini Skirts. It was in the 1980s that he took an interest in leather goods, inspired by the quality Italian pieces that were popular at the time. He took training into his own hands: teaching himself all of his skills, and over the next 30 years he became a Master Casemaker one of the best in the World. He formed the brand "Simon Baker-Casemakers" and set up shop in rural Aberdeenshire. His hand crafted items have been popular world-wide with customers in Russia, Japan and the USA etc. He made items for customers such as Harrods, Microsoft and the Exchequer etc.