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Lot 101 1911 Half Sovereign.

Lot 102 1913 Half Sovereign.

Lot 103 Cross Silver Fountain Pen with 18kt Gold Nib.

Lot 104 9ct Gold Brooch with photo of Soldier.

Lot 105 Large Antique Gun-Metal Moon-Phase Pocket Watch.

Lot 106 Vintage 9ct Gold Single Albert with Half Sovereign Fob.

Lot 107 Vintage Cakestand.

Lot 108 Edwardian Inlaid Clock+Brass other.

Lot 109 Large Lot of Antique Guide Books.

Lot 110 Lot of Staffordshire Figures+Matchstriker etc.

Lot 111 Antique Spaniel Head Money-Bank.

Lot 112 Odd Lot.

Lot 113 Odd Lot.

Lot 114 Fortnum&Mason Vintage Boxed Hat.

Lot 115 Vintage Boxed Fortnum&Mason Hat.

Lot 116 Lot of Vintage Train Equipment+Sambo Elephant etc.

Lot 117 Lot of Vintage Lead Farmyard Toys etc.

Lot 118 Lot of Vintage Lead Farmyard Toys&Animals etc.

Lot 119 Pair of Painted Ostrich Eggs (one cracked).

Lot 120 Record Tools Cast Iron Advertising Bulldog.

Lot 121 Framed David Willis signed etching.

Lot 122 Vintage Jackson Simpson signed etching.  

Lot 123 Vintage Pair of Framed Advertising Prints+Framed Film Still.

Lot 124 Vintage Solid Silver Hip_Flask.

Lot 125 Vintage Bertini Accordion.

Lot 126 Antique Drop-Dial Wall Clock.

Lot 127

Lot 128

Lot 129 18ct Gold Ring.

Lot 130 9ct Gold Diamond Cluster Ring (5.8 grams).

Lot 131 9ct Gold Solitaire Diamond Ring approx 1/4 carat.

Lot 132 18ct Gold and Diamond 3 stone Ring approx 0.4 carats.

Lot 133 18ct Gold, Platinum and Diamond Cluster Ring approx 0.7 carats.

Lot 134 9ct Gold Diamond Cluster Ring.

Lot 135 9ct Gold 5 Stone Diamond Ring.

Lot 136 Trio of Rolex marked Spoons.

Lot 137 Pair of 9ct Diamond Ear-Rings+others.

Lot 138 18ct Gold Diamond Cluster Ring (5.1 grams).

Lot 139 18ct Gold 4 Stone Diamond Ring.

Lot 140 18ct Gold 3 stone Diamond Ring.

Lot 141 18ct Gold&Platinum Solitaire Diamond Ring.

Lot 142 9ct Diamond Cross Pendant.

Lot 143 Platinum Solitaire Diamond Ring (5.9 grams).

Lot 144 1 x 9ct Opal&Diamond Pendant and unmarked gold charm and pendant.

Lot 145 18ct Gold Solitaire Diamond Ring 1/4 carat (3.3 grams).

Lot 146 18ct Gold 5 Stone Diamond Ring 1/2 carat (5.4 grams).

Lot 147 18ct Gold 3 Stone Diamond Ring (3.2 grams).

Lot 148 Vintage Boxed Set of Sterling Silver Propelling Pencil Bridge Markers.

Lot 149 9ct Gold 5 Stone Diamond Ring 1/3 carat.

Lot 150 18ct Gold Solitaire Diamond Ring approx 1/2 carat.

Lot 151 Pair of Michael Cardew Tea-Pots.

Lot 152 Vintage Advertising Figure 7" tall.

Lot 153 Agate Seton Barrell.

Lot 154 Lot of Pelham Puppets including Mother Dragon.

Lot 155 Lot of Aberdeen Books.

Lot 156 City of Aberdeen Bonaccord Baton

Lot 157 2 Vintage Boxed Chess Sets.

Lot 158 The Book of the Chronicles of Keith 1880.

Lot 159 Book of the Parish of Deir 1895

Lot 160 Vintage Glass Butter-Churn.

Lot 161 Antique Farming Bushel with Elgin (Morayshire) Stamp.

Lot 162 Scottish Vernacular Folk Art Corner Stand.

Lot 163 Scottish Vernacular Folk Art Glazed Cabinet.

Lot 164 Framed Robert Doisneau Print.

Lot 165 Lot of Bric-a-Brac.

Lot 166 Vintage Boxed Super 8 Projector and Screen.

Lot 167 Lot of Cutlery etc.

Lot 168 Lot of Brassware.

Lot 169 Pentax Camera and Lenses.

Lot 170 Large Lot of Camera Equipment.

Lot 171 Vintage British Rail First Aid Box.

Lot 172 Vintage Rollei Magic Camera.

Lot 173 Vintage Pair of Watercolours.

Lot 174 Pair of Black Forest Book-Ends+Horn Candlestick.

Lot 175 Vintage Royal Doulton Golfer Jug.

Lot 176 Pair of Candlelabra.

Lot 177 Large Lot of Books, Fishing, Palestine, Sailing etc.

Lot 178 Italian Designer Majolica Dish.

Lot 179 Pair of Books on Aberdeen.

Lot 180 Vintage Scottie Dog Sewing Accessory with Silver Thimble.

Lot 181 Antique Majolica Candlestick with some damage.

Lot 182 Pelham Puppet The Skeleton.

Lot 183 Boxed Gordon Highlander Bottle of Whisky.

Lot 184 Silver Russian Horn.

Lot 185

Lot 186 Vintage Royal Winton Breakfast Set.

Lot 187 Vintage French Wine Tasting Equipment.

Lot 188 Antique Scottish Dirk with Andrea Ferrara marks, 21 1/4" long with a blade of 16 13/16" long.

Lot 189 Antique Royal Artillery Sabre Tached laid onto a Leather Booklet.

Lot 190 Antique Flattened Powder Horn dated 1697.