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Lot 1 Lot of Whisky.

Lot 2 Pair of Vintage Advertising Pocket Knives.   

Lot 3 Vintage French Jerome Clarinet.

Lot 4 Odd Lot.

Lot 5 Antique Powder Flask.

Lot 6 Antique Blood Letting Fleam.

Lot 7 Vintage Silver Fusee Pocket Watch.

Lot 8 Odd Lot of Silver Boxed Spoons etc.

Lot 9 Large Lot of Brassware.

Lot 10 Brass Ornament.

Lot 11 Ethnic Musical Instrument.

Lot 12 Vintage Cased Mandolin.

Lot 13 Antique Blanket Box (superb condition).

Lot 14 Box Lot of Music Sheets.

Lot 15 Vintage Ferrograph Recorder.

Lot 16 Vintage Pot Cupboard.

Lot 17 Vintage Table Top Gramophone.

Lot 18 Pair of 1940 Dated 54 Bournemouth Elephant Patrol Field Telephones.

Lot 19 Vintage Camphor Chest.

Lot 20 Pair of Brass Portholes.

Lot 21 Presentation Set (possibly Silver?).

Lot 22 Pair of Antique Folk Art Frames.

Lot 23 Antique Half-Moon Table.

Lot 24 Lot of Gas Masks.

Lot 25 Lot of Stoneware Flagons.

Lot 26 Large Victorian Tilt-Top Table (in need of restoration).

Lot 27 Antique Coalbrookedale Cast-Iron Stick Stand (Dog holding Riding Crop-part of crop missing).

Lot 28 Victorian Mahogany Whatnot.

Lot 29 Vintage Milking Machine with Accessories.

Lot 30 Set of Vintage Tiles.

Lot 31 Vintage Green Enamel Bread-Bin.

Lot 32 Trio of Antique Brass Kettles.

Lot 33 Boxed Long Service Medal.

Lot 34 Lot of Bric-a-Brac.

Lot 35 Vintage Army Helmet.

Lot 36 Lot of Gig Lamp-Car Lamp etc.

Lot 37 Lot of Lamps and Fittings etc.

Lot 38 Vintage Triang Toy Mangle.

Lot 39 Army Ammo Box.

Lot 40 Pair of Biscuit Barrels

Lot 41 Pair of Antique Scottish Pottery Cats 12 1/2" tall.

Lot 42 Antique Weymss Vase 6 1/2" tall.

Lot 43 Antique Scottish Seaton Pottery Cheese Dish 8 1/2" tall.

Lot 44 Lot of Fountain Pens to include boxed Conway Stewart example.

Lot 45 Vintage 18ct Gold Seal Ring (7.5 grams total).

Lot 46 Pair of Silver Thimbles and Pair of Queen Mary Cufflinks.

Lot 47 Pair of Vintage 9ct Gold Crested Cufflinks (8.9 grams).

Lot 48 Pair of Vintage 9ct Gold Cufflinks (6.4 grams).

Lot 49 Vintage Pair of 9ct Gold RAF Cufflinks (14.3 grams).

Lot 50 Vintage Four Panel Room Divider signed and dated S.G.Robins 1952.

Lot 51 4 Copies of the Aberdeen Inteligencer 1750s + other.

Lot 52 Vintage Swedish Xmas Book+Maps+London Ill Magazines.

Lot 53 Lot of 1930s Big Band Photo's some signed.

Lot 54 Vintage Kodak Camera+Tin.

Lot 55 Mauchline Box+Contents and Burr Walnut Music Box.

Lot 56 Cornish Ware Soap Flakes Canister (black base mark).

Lot 57 Beswick Ware, Clarice Cliff etc.

Lot 58 Moorcroft Ware+Blue White Teapot.

Lot 59 Trio of Cornish Ware Canisters (one with damaged lid)

Lot 60 David Winter "The Village" Figure.

Lot 61 Lot of Vintage Silver Three-Pences.

Lot 62 Lot of Vintage/Antique Coins some Silver.

Lot 63 Lot of Vintage Scottish Banknotes etc.

Lot 64 Boxed Silver and Jade Brooch and Ear-Rings Set.

Lot 65 Vintage High Carat Gold, Aquamarine and Diamond Ring (8.3 grams total).

Lot 66 9ct Gold Gem Set Ring.

Lot 67 9ct Gold Gem Set Ring.

Lot 68 9ct Gold Gem Set Ring.

Lot 69 9ct Gold Gem Set Ring.

Lot 70 9ct Gold Gem Set Ring.

Lot 71 9ct Gold Gem Set Ring.

Lot 72 9ct Gold Gem Set Ring.

Lot 73

Lot 74 9ct Gold Gem-Set Ring.

Lot 75 Vintage Gold 3 part Ring Set.

Lot 76 Pair of 9ct Gold Rings.

Lot 77 Pair of 9ct Gold Rings.

Lot 78 Pair of 9ct Gold Rings.

Lot 79 Pair of 9ct Gold Rings.

Lot 80 Vintage 9ct Gold and Diamonds Panther Bracelet.

Lot 81 Lot of Vintage Army Badges.

Lot 82 Vintage Ivory Necklace and Vintage Sheaffer Pen.

Lot 83 Vintage Oriental Bi-Disc and Agate Piece.

Lot 84 Vintage Agricultural Cast Iron Plaque.

Lot 85 Vintage Lot of African Wooden Heads&Lion.

Lot 86 Wooden Carving.

Lot 87 Antique Scottish Pottery Spaniel Money Bank.

Lot 88 Scottish Pottery Whistle Bird.

Lot 89 Scottish Pottery Pig Money Bank.

Lot 90 Vintage Decanter with Silver Collar.

Lot 91 Vintage Czechslovakian Vase.

Lot 92 Vintage Boxed Webley Starting Pistol.

Lot 93 Trio of Royal Dux Ducks (large one with damage to tail).

Lot 94 Pair of Murano Glass Figures.

Lot 95 Vintage Limoges Table Lamp.

Lot 96 Vintage Studio Glass Vase.

Lot 97 Lot of Whisky Flagons.

Lot 98 The Harold J Plenderleith Boxed Gold Dux Medal 1915-16 awarded by Harris Academy Dundee.

Lot 99 Nicholson's 1804 copy of Carpenters New Guide with leather covers.

Lot 100 Antique Copy of Culpeper's Complete Herbal with wear to Cover and Contents.