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Lot 201 Lot of Costume Jewellery.

Lot 202 Lot of Costume Jewellery.

Lot 203 Lot of Costume Jewellery.

Lot 204 Lot of Costume Jewellery.

Lot 205 Lot of Costume Jewellery

Lot 206 Lot of Vintage Coins.

Lot 207 Lot of Fishing Equipment.

Lot 208 Lot of Fly Tying Equipment.

Lot 209 Ron Thompson Fly Rod.

Lot 210 Metal Figure.

Lot 211 Brass Berry Pan with Tools.

Lot 212 Lot of Fly-Tying Equipment.

Lot 213 Book of Stamps.

Lot 214 Large Agate Seaton Pottery Barrell.

Lot 215 Pair of Framed Fishing Fly Pictures.

Lot 216 Pair of Framed Fishing Pictures.

Lot 217 Pair of Vintage Oval Framed Prints.

Lot 218 Boxed Set of Cutlery.

Lot 219 Boxed Artist's Set and Vintage Cluedo Board Game.

Lot 220 Pair of Vintage Medical Instruments.

Lot 221 Lot of LP Records.

Lot 222 Large Antique Morris Ware Vase 11" tall.

Lot 223 Buchan's Stoneware Blue Bottle.

Lot 224 Small Vintage Oak Barometer.

Lot 225 Lot of Art Glass including Vasart.

Lot 226 Boxed Seiko Wall Clock.

Lot 227 Lot of Car Memoribillia and War Ration Books etc.

Lot 228 Pair of Small Brass Trench Art Shells.

Lot 229 Lot of Doulton, Denby, Advertising etc.

Lot 230 Box Lot of Plated Ware etc.

Lot 231 Boxed Set of Cutlery.

Lot 232 Lot of Antique Art Books.

Lot 233 Lot of Pictures including early etching of New York.

Lot 234 Antique Framed Silk Picture.

Lot 235 Lot of Costume Jewellery.

Lot 236 Lot of Toys.

Lot 237 Lot of Costume Jewellery.

Lot 238 Lot of Stamps.

Lot 239 Lot of Costume Jewellery

Lot 240 Lot of Costume Jewellery.

Lot 241 Lot of Costume Jewllery.

Lot 242 Ethnic Fork and Knife Set.

Lot 243 Antique Anglo-Indian Ivory and Mosiac Work Box 27cm long x 19cm wide x 9cm tall.

Lot 244 Vintage Mouseman 3 legged Stool.

Lot 245 Vintage Mouseman Duet Stool.

Lot 246 Antique Georgian Silver Soup Ladle.

Lot 247 Antique Newton's Celestial Globe actual Globe 12" diameter and total diameter with outer Ring Diameter 17".

Lot 248 Stephen&Donald Fraserburgh Wine Flagon.

Lot 249 Antique Sutherland Table.

Lot 250 Silver Plated Ware Set.

Lot 251 Lot of Vintage Named Horse Harness.

Lot 252 Pair of Vintage Blue&White Dutch Scene Vases.

Lot 253 Lot of Netsukes.